EasyLash Attachment System

Boat Lift and Canopy utilizes an exclusive EasyLash attachment system on all of its replacement canopy covers.

The Easy Lash system is the quickest, easiest way to securely attach your replacement canopy cover to the canopy frame. Utilizing 10" bungee hooks, simply loop the bungee hook through our Easy Lash fastening system then wrap bungee hook around rail and lift hook to the hole in canopy rib or frame.just like in the picture below.

Easy Lash is a woven webbing 3 inches wide with 1.25 inch slits hot knifed every 3 inches with a repeating slit. These thermal cut holes take the place of d-rings and grommets and allow the installer the flexibility to install attachment hardware and bungee when, and where they like. Easy Lash has been tested and proven to be 25% stronger than the leading competitor. Securely fasten awnings, boat lift canopies, boat covers, tents, curtains without the need of tools or dies to set grommets.