Pontoon Lift Canopy Systems

A Perfect Pontoon Canopy Replacement Fit 

Not every boat lift has the same dimensions, which means that not every pontoon lift canopy cover will fit every lift. This is especially important for today’s pontoon boats, which can get big and need the extra protection that other cover sizes won’t offer. A proper fit is the only way to guarantee maximum performance from your canopy cover, which means a fully protected pontoon.

At Boat Lift & Canopy, every one of our covers are handmade to order by our knowledgeable staff, which means that they’ll be properly sized and fitted no matter what brand of lift you’re using. We also have a style-specific measurement guide for many frame manufacturers—even if your label is gone, you can figure out what brand of lift you have based on its style, and we can work out the measurements from there. We can fit pontoon lift covers to ShoreMaster, Shore Station, FLOE, Hewitt, Porta-Dock, and many other brands.


Pontoon Lift Cover Fabric Material

We pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality boat lift covers and products from materials to construction. We offer two premium replacement canopy cover material options: both are made in America with high-quality techniques and components designed for marine conditions, come in a wide array of color choices to fit your personal taste, and are compatible with the most popular boat lift and canopy brands on the market. Both materials are great options, and the decision is largely up to you.