ShoreMaster canopy replacement

Boat Lift & Canopy proudly offers a huge selection of replacement covers for ShoreMaster lifts that are specific to this brand’s dimensions.  We’ve designed the ShoreMaster boat lift cover to last. A quality canopy cover is an investment that helps protect the value of your watercraft by keeping it clean and dry, so you’ll find it easier to get out on the water.

Canopy Measurement Guide for ShoreMaster Canopy Covers

ShoreMaster size dimensions

ShoreMaster® has rounded ends and high rounded corners. They have vent flaps in each end of their canopy and have holes in the bows to attach s-hooks or bungee hooks. The frames bolt together in the middle down the back/peak of the frame. There is a flat barn running the length of the inside on both sides. 

ShoreMaster size guide