ShoreStation Steel Frame - 13oz Vinyl Canopy Covers

13 oz Vinyl Canopy Cover Colors None Selected Required

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Canopy Cover Review
Written by Neal Nagel on Aug 4th 2018

The end webbing was not installed at either end, this is used to secure end of canopy to frame. I call and talked to Mike and agreed to bring canopy back when I take my lift. Canvas Works will then sew in needed corrections. Like the work. Neal

Massive waiste of time and energy
Written by undefined on Jul 4th 2018

Unpacked the Chinese canopy which was supplied with one large bungee cord for installation. This will work fine if the canopy was designed like an actual Shore Station Canopy. Appearently this single bungee coard must be fashioned into smaller pieces to hold the canopy to its frame. Not mentioned in the video is that you are responsible for the design, implementation and manufacture of these mini bungees from the single one suppplied. Instructions for installation ????? NOT, although there is a bag of S hooks if your canopy could utilize them. Will be contacting them on July 5th for a refund.

Canopy Cover Review
Written by Cliff Ashley on Jun 18th 2018

Communication, delivery, quality of product second to none. Fantastic cover easy to install. The new fastening system is so much better than the old slats and springs. 10 stars

Canopy Cover Review
Written by Mike DeZiel on May 31st 2018

All communication was prompt and polite. The product was as advertised.we are very happy customers. Thank you!

no rating yet
Written by Steven Houghton on May 30th 2018

Would be glad to review once I receive product. As of yet I have not received.

Canopy Cover Review
Written by anna kopernak on Apr 28th 2018

Easy to navigate the website. Prompt shipment. Amy was very helpful answering a question. Anxious to get the canopy on the frame and start the summer.

Nice Cover.
Written by Kevin W on Aug 22nd 2016

The cover fit nice and I liked the fact that it was a little big. This makes it much easier to put on. The sides seem to come down farther than the original as well. It took a little longer to get it than I expected but that isa the price I am willing to pay for it being made in America by a veteran owned company.

Great product!
Written by Rob S on Jul 4th 2016

Great replacement canopy for my Shorestation hoist! Will purchase again for sure.