ShoreStation Aluminum Frame - 13oz Vinyl Canopy Covers

$296.00 - $995.00
13 oz Vinyl Canopy Cover Colors None Selected Required

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Good quality, price, and fit
Written by Gary P on Jul 27th 2018

Very happy with purchase. Looks like it will hold up well. I was hoping it would fit right and it went on like a glove.

Great Service and Excellant Quality Product!
Written by Jill Shipman on Aug 28th 2017

I Will recommend!

Shore Station 24'x108"
Written by PAUL H on Aug 9th 2017

Great Product!!! Unbelievable fast shipping. Drilled out the holes the springs connected to and installed the S hooks, unrolled the canopy on the frame and laced the cord thru the slot where the metal band was and thru the grommets on each end, tied a knot and hooked the bungi up to the S hooks. Highly recommend!!

Vinyl Boat Lift Canopy
Written by undefined on Jul 31st 2017

Installation was straightforward. Canopy working well and like advertised. Thanks.

Shorestation cover concerns
Written by Debbie Ruddick on May 29th 2017

Amy and her crew are excellent to work with. They responded to my many questions. However, I have some concerns about the cover itself.. I am not a fan of the "cutouts" for the continual bungee. The vinyl immediately started to pull, looking like it might tear in the area of the cutout. Also, the wind really whips the ends of the cover. I spoke with someone at canvas works and they stated I could send to cover back for pockets to be put in ???Why was that not just part of the original design ??/ I cannot see myself dragging this thing to the post office. The black trim has already started to crack on the ends, likely from the wind whipping it, so I am concerned about longevity. We will have to wait and see. I believe another review would be in order after one year.

Good quality, great service
Written by undefined on Dec 26th 2016

Informative chat with owner on product options, fast and free shipping with all round great service. Thank you!

Written by Mary Dolan on Jul 11th 2016

The product we received is awesome. It took about 4 weeks from the time we ordered it. Also, you should be aware that you will need to make slits in the cover and thread the bungie rope through the sleeves when putting the cover on the lift. I missed this part when doing my research. Called the 800 number during installation and they were very helpful in talking us through the install. I will recommend this product to others.

Written by gary palmer on Jun 21st 2016

Arrived quickly, no shipping cost, great quality, right size due to measuring per web site and email to folks, lot's of bungee cord, color (tan) slightly different than website pic..,no biggee...seagulls will modify color soon anyway! Family owned makes America go and these guys actually answer your emails.