The Importance of a Boat Lift Canopy Cover

The Importance of a Boat Lift Canopy Cover

Posted by Boat Lift and Canopy on May 16th 2019

Nothing beats taking your boat out for a day on the water. But the sun, wind, and water that make boating experiences great can also cause wear and tear on your watercraft. Protecting your boat from the elements will help maintain its value, and a canopy frame and cover are great ways to offer the coverage that your boat needs to stay out of the elements. While a boat lift and canopy frame provide the proper structure for storing and cover your watercraft, the canopy cover (our specialty) does a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of protection from the sun, rain and wind. A proper fitting canopy cover in a high quality fabric is a must if you are storing you boat out on the water. Here are a few ways that our boat lift canopy covers protect your watercraft and add value to your waterfront system.

Premium Fabric Options

Our HarborTime canopy covers offer a lighter weight option with superior durability. Highly water repellent and resistant to both mildew and ultraviolet light, Harbor Time is ideal for boat lift canopies. HarborTime offers exceptional abrasion resistance and superior strength making it perfectly suited for the marine environment. Stabilized fabric ensures a continuous fit, while an acrylic coating retains a beautiful soft cloth appearance and insures a long cover life.

Our 13 oz. vinyl canopy covers are also lightweight and durable while providing protection from moisture and UV radiation. They’re lighter than the industry standard, which means easier installation and removal. The superior durability, cleanability, and weatherproofing come from the exclusive top coat.

Both fabric options are available for all canopy covers that we product, which are compatible with top most popular boat lift and canopy brands, including ShoreMaster, Shore Station, FLOE, Hewitt, Porta-Dock and more. 

Proper Fit and Superior Craftsmanship

Our knowledgeable staff works every day to ensure that our canopies covers proper superior fit and performance. We supply covers compatible with tops top canopy and boat lift styles and brands. Each brand of canopy frame has its own unique nuances and sizing which our staff is familiar with. Each canopy cover is handmade to order so you can and meticulously measured, cut and inspected to ensure proper sizing and fitting. We provide style specific measurements guides to help you identify the cover size that is right for your frame and our customer support team is always available to answer questions and concerns that you might have.