Hewitt DLX - 13oz Vinyl Canopy Covers

$521.00 - $682.00
13 oz Vinyl Canopy Cover Colors None Selected Required

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Note: All Canopy Covers do ship with a Boat Lift and Canopy logo on the end. Not shown in all photos.  

For attachment and installation...

Loop bungee ball through our EasyLash fastening system. Attach bungee ball to bottom rail being sure to space them evenly between the bows or where the bows meets the rail. Click here for video assistance and further installation instructions. 

Product Reviews

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Pontoon canopy
Written by mike Crissinger on Aug 18th 2019

Fits the frame very snug and looks like it will be durable for a few years. I put it on the frame and had to let it stretch out completely before I could get it to pull down over the corner of the frame all the way but I had it secure enough for a day or two and then it did. Only issue I've had was the tie down system doesn't pull it down tight so I set up a different anchoring point that let me get it tighter.

Hewitt 23 x 120 Deluxe Front
Written by Tom on Jun 14th 2017

Thanks for a great product. The canopy cover for our Hewitt canopy frame fit very well. Fast shipping and fast install. The bungie fasteners work great. I have not noticed any wind flap which is impressive! It's a well fitting canopy. I'd recommend your company to anyone and you had the best price too! Well done.